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MuditasriPicture of Muditasri

Muditasri has been consistently meditating for the past 29 years. She entered the Triratna Buddhist Order in 1989 and since that time has been teaching meditation and leading retreats and study groups for participants at all levels. 

Muditasri was born in the Eastern Caribbean but has lived in England for most of her life.  She is well travelled and spans at least three different cultures.  She qualified as a social worker in 1976 and worked mainly with children and their families. Many of these parents suffered with a variety of mental health issues.  As a result of this Muditasri has attended dozens of courses to ensure and maintain a high quality of work and enhance her supervisory skills when subsequently working as a manager of social workers. 

She has taught MBCT for the past three years. She particularly welcomes the opportunity to facilitate this course as a real lived experience for all participants. She feels privileged to be teaching on these courses, as it enables her to give to others, and at the same time integrate and share some of what she has learnt over the years in her own practice.