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Dr Paramabandhu GrovesDr Paramabandhu Groves BA MB BS MRCPsych is a consultant psychiatrist working in the NHS and specialising in addiction.

He has trained in Core Process Psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy, and has been teaching meditation and leading retreats at the London Buddhist Centre since 1990.

He has led MBCT courses since 2004 and adapted it for preventing relapse into addiction (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention). His work with MBRP was featured in a full-page article in The Times in 2007.

Most rcently Dr. Groves has developed the new KBT course which has drawn widespread interest. In 2012 he held a KBT event in central London attended by over 200 people, and in 2012 KBT was also part of a PhD research project at University College London.

He trains and supervises teachers of mindfulness-based approaches at the London Buddhist Centre, and has taught and presented at conferences for health professionals in the NHS.

Apart from providing training in mindfulness withing the NHS, Dr Groves have also ran MBA training days for health proffesionals at Breathing Space since 2011, and he led a mindfulness course for GPs in February 2013.

Other recent engagements include speaking at the City and Hackney Trust Mindfulness Special Interest Group in December 2012, talk on mindfulness for addiction at the University of Chester in February 2013, and in June 2013 Dr. Groves gave a lecture on mindfulness for addiction hosted by the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) in Kent.