Breathing Space London

mindfulness for health

SanghadasaPortrait of Sanghadasa

Sanghadasa is originally from the Netherlands, where he studied nursing in the early 90s. Through nursing he became curious about human development, and got involved in humanism for a while. Further explorations in the field of development brought him to the practice of meditation and Buddhism.

Sanghadasa was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order in 1999. Apart from practising meditation, he has been very interested in applying mindfulness and creativity in ordinary daily life, especially in work. A big part of his involvement with the FWBO has been through so-called 'Right Livelihood' businesses. Before coming to the LBC he worked as head chef at a Buddhist retreat centre in Norfolk.

Here at the LBC he has been involved in the Breathing Space project since he arrived in September 2007. He teaches MBCT and MBRP courses on a regular basis, as well as other Buddhist meditation classes and events.