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Tim Segaller (carers)Tim Segaller

Tim Segaller has been practising meditation for more than two years, after attending a retreat run by the London Buddhist Centre in 2006.

He subsequently attended drop-in meditation classes at the London Buddhist Centre, as well as completing the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course. In these he found the practice of meditation an extremely powerful tool for self-development and growth - so much so that he seized the opportunity of working at the London Buddhist Centre to manage its Breathing Space 'Mindfulness for Health' programme. He has been doing this since May 2007. Since then he has also become involved in teaching mindfulness and meditation to carers at drop-in sessions.

Tim is inspired by Breathing Space's ability to reach out to a wide range of people who have experienced depression, addiction, stress and anxiety, by teaching them simple, effective techniques to look after their own mental health.