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Vidyadaka (carers)Vidyadaka

Vidyadaka has been practicing meditation for 10 years after coming to the London Buddhist Centre in 1998. He realised that meditation was an effective tool for increasing awareness, thus being a catalyst for change. Soon after, he began working at the London Buddhist Centre after working as a graphic designer in the television industry. During that time he has helped initiate, and teaches at, a weekly meditation venue in central London, running meditation classes and courses.

Vidyadaka also runs weekly drop-in meditation and relaxation classes for carers, and leads retreats that give carers the chance to learn meditation as a way of supporting themselves in the long term. He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2007 and continues to teach at the London Buddhist Centre.

Vidyadaka believes that anyone can learn basic meditation techniques that can help transform their lives and lead to an ever broadening awareness of self and others.