Kindness Essentials

Wednesdays: 7-8.30pm
A 4-week course in transforming relations to self and other

Being compassionate is a quality that can be learnt. Kindness behaviour is a training. Learning how to be kind supports our physical and mental wellbeing. Being kind is not about being nice or being passive. It is an active, courageous quality that has the ability to positively impact our lives, and the lives of those around us. Kindness can even boost our immune systems, and help us live long, thriving and healthy lives.

Over 4 weeks this April, you will learn the tools and techniques to cultivate compassion in yourself and others, learning to appreciate those who are close to you, and those whom you don’t know, but are connected to you through a shared humanity. The tools which include meditation training are practical and accessible to all.

On this course you will learn how to: 
  • Relate to yourself and others with greater awareness and care.
  • Improve your emotional resilience.
  • Let go of painful grudges towards other people. 
  • Cultivate appreciation, gratitude and generosity.
  • Feel more connected with yourself and those around you.

You will receive:

- 360 minutes’ tuition in kindness behaviour.

- Tools and techniques to practice each day.

- Learn to meditate each week.

- Weekly email summaries of the course to keep.

- Home practice guidance.

- Opportunities to check-in and ask questions.

This course takes place online over zoom.

Led by Buddhist teachers- Dharmavartin and Livia.

Led by:



Dharmavartin first discovered the Buddha’s teachings at the age of 18, and discovered the London Buddhist Centre in 2012. He has been a firefighter in London for 30 years. He says, “I have used the Three Minute Breathing Space at work, before having to communicate effectively in meetings. It’s a useful and quick way to become grounded and effective in the world.”

Livia is a Clinical Psychologist. She teaches at London Buddhist Centre and is

training for ordination. She uses the tools of kindness to support her own work as

a vital resource, and shares the practical techniques to help her clients.

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