We teach accessible and practical tools that help you transform your life.

We help people overcome chronic stress, anxiety and depression to achieve positive mental health, and experience joy and fulfilment

We are a not-for-profit organisation. The courses are led by experienced practitioners

We are Buddhists. Mindfulness is our way of life. We have a deep respect for the roots of mindfulness

All our activities offer opportunities for people to connect and form lasting friendships

Hear what people have to say

“I found the content to be practical and relevant to my life”
“I feel so much calmer and accepting in myself which is a brilliant feeling”
Essentially I feel that it has set me on a road where I am going to have a richer and more fulfilling life
Since 2004 Breathing Space has taught over 200 courses reaching over 7000 participants.

When assessed on WHO-5 Well-being Index, here is how our participants responded:
reported better general mood
could deal with situations with more calm
reported increased energy levels
reported better sleep and ability to relax
reported more interest in day to day life

Established in the East End over twenty years ago, we make a difference to people’s lives

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"Men today are confronting many different challenges on their roles in society, and dealing with things like job insecurity. These Mindfulness courses get you to acknowledge and deal with your troubles in very helpful ways. So many would benefit.”


"A welcoming space; safe and non-judgemental, behaviours which were modelled by the teacher, who had a lot of experience on mindfulness and its value in depression and addiction issues.  Highly recommended."


"The Three Minute Breathing Space has made a real difference to my life. I use this tool a lot. It breaks the circuit of anxiety. It takes my mind off negativity."


"We stayed with the same group over the eight weeks of the course and we all got to know each other well and that consistency was one of the things I really liked – I’m still in touch with some of the group."


"I can respond to difficult situations in more level headed ways. The course has been helpful for my mood. When I get anxious, I place a hand on my tummy and when I feel nauseous,  I  come back to a place of safety in my body. I feel safe, and that helps with the panic attacks. They haven’t stopped but I am aware of when I am going to have one, and when I have them, I can now bear them."


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Located as part of the London Buddhist Centre, we are based in a very accessible part of London.


51 Roman Rd
Bethnal Green
E2 0HU


020 8981 1225


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