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Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness is a skill you can develop to help you live better. Like any skill, it requires training, but with practice you’ll soon benefit. We've taught thousands of people how to activate mindfulness practices in daily life. On our courses we help you navigate changes you’d like to make, guide you through any challenges and offer you a fresh perspective on living a fulfilling life.


Refresh, Replenish, Renew

What are the sessions?

Eleven workshops designed to take you through the year and keep your mental health in top shape.

Refresh, Replenish, Renew offers you the chance to work with 10 mindfulness teachers and practising Buddhists, all of whom come from diverse fields in life. Learn how to:

  • reduce stress with practical tools
  • cultivate resilience
  • understand that thoughts are not facts
  • eat mindfully
  • face challenge
  • deal with loss
  • resolve panic attacks
  • cultivate compassion
  • discover nature
  • avoid burnout
  • connect with yourself and others

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