Our Approach

"We offer a friendly, inclusive and approachable environment; facilitated by experienced, skilled Buddhist practitioners."

Evidence Based

Our approach brings together the latest evidence-based material in Mindfulness Based Interventions, with over 20 years of effective in-house course evaluation and development.


Community is integral to what we do. All of our activities offer opportunities for people to connect and form lasting friendships.

Tailored to Individuals

We respond to each individual’s aspirations. We take an interest in each participant, and support people on their on-going journeys. Our teaching materials appeal to all seven learner styles.  


Our carefully devised course programmes are designed to give participants an experiential understanding of the underpinning theories.

Our eight step programme


Get to know your mind.

The first step of any journey is awareness. Understanding the habits of your mind better can help you see where you create suffering for yourself.

Learn to work with difficulties

Life, as you know, isn’t easy. But, with practice, you can develop inner resources that help you cope better amidst the difficulties.


Develop creative responses

A lot of our unhelpful tendencies are automatic. With help from our teachers, you will learn to step out of autopilot and replace unhelpful reactions with conscious helpful responses

Let in the good

Our evolution has left us with a ‘negativity bias’, that’s geared to look for problems. With specific practices it’s possible to rewire your brain to increase a sense of pleasure and rediscover activities that give you joy.


Change your self-view

It’s easy to fall into a negative view of yourself. We will teach you to develop kindly approach that will change your relationship to yourself.

Transform your relationships

So much of our happiness depends on our relationships. Developing a more loving attitude to others has many benefits, including reducing your stress and low mood


Sustain resilience in all weathers

True resilience involves a radical transformation. By developing the courage to be with unwanted experience, you are equipped with a robust and reliable tool that will help weather any storm.

Build the life you want

With a stronger foundation, you are then able to take purposeful action to maintain your wellbeing, respond creatively to difficulty and actively choose the life we want to lead


Here at Breathing Space, we believe that everyone can be supported to lead a healthy and rewarding life