Building a Healthy Connection with Ourselves

Monday 15th Jul | 7-8.30pm

How do we build a healthy connection with ourselves? Without this, our relationships with others can be less than satisfying. A good connection with ourselves and our ability to have self-compassion can help deepen our connection with others. The analogy often used is the oxygen mask in an aircraft: we are taught to always put the oxygen mask on ourselves first before helping anyone else. This is a good lesson for life. In this workshop, we will learn the nuts and bolts of building connection with ourselves and cultivating self-compassion.

What You Get:

  • Understanding of how a healthy connection to ourselves helps us develop positive mental states
  • Understanding how a healthy connection with ourselves enables us to deepn connection with others
  • A guided meditation on open-heartedness
  • A practical self-compassion tool for use in daily life


Led by:


Daisy-May has incorporated meditation  & mindfulness into all aspects of her life. She has found it to be a gateway to how to truly come into communication with all ourselves.  As well as teaching at the Brixton Buddhist Centre She regularly teaches  meditation at the Children Services where she works, as well as at an Alternative Therapy Practice, where she is a Reiki Practitioner.

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