Compassionate Acceptance

Monday 16th Sep | 7-8.30pm

When we face difficulty, we often adopt Avoidance Strategies or Approach Strategies.

Avoidance means that we can put the job off which creates more anxiety or we go into rumination and spiral into stressful thinking and low mood. When we use an Approach Strategy, we turn towards the difficulty. To do so requires us to accept our situation.

In this workshop, we will explore how to accept our lives as they really are. Rather than suppressing, avoiding or catastrophising, we will turn towards the difficulty. We need to cultivate compassion for ourselves and others in order to truly accept how things are. Then we are able to make wiser choices and stand on firmer ground. This workshop shows you how.

What You Get:

  • Understanding on why we often adopt Avoidance strategies
  • Learning an Approach strategy
  • Guided Acceptance and Compassion meditation
  • A toolkit to help you face difficulty

Led by:


Aryavandana works for Breathing Space and oversees the online programme. She is an artist, a mindfulness practitioner and an accredited coach. She enjoys seeing participants benefitting from the tools, and sharing the tools with their friends, family and co-workers. 

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