Mindfulness for Carers: a Restorative Session

Monday 17th Jun | 7-8.30pm

If you care for someone, or perhaps you need a restorative session for yourself, this workshop will help you. A deeply relaxing and restful session in which we explore the purpose of making time to rest and resource ourselves, with a meditation on the body scan, and  a meditation on finding pleasure in our experience.

What You Get:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Understanding of how to help ourselves when we are under-resourced
  • Body Scan
  • Meditation on Finding Pleasure

Led by:


Alphie is part of the Breathing Space support team, a Buddhist and musician. He has worked in the Homelessness sector and in Music education where he was able to bring his mindfulness practice into the classroom. He enjoys working in environments where he is able to transform and witness the transformation of others.

Alphie Is co-leading this course as part of his Breathworks accreditation process.  

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