Mindfulness for Stress

8 Mondays | 4th March - 22nd April 2024 | 7.15-9.30pm
In-person Breathing Space
Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally, to things as they are.

There is a wealth of evidence in clinical trials to show that mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety. We feel more in connection with the present moment, and more equipped to deal with life’s difficulties. Rather than pushing our challenges away, we turn towards the challenge with a kindly awareness. Mindfulness for Stress helps reduce anxiety, and live life more fully, with more agency. It helps cultivate resilience and greater confidence.

This course will take you through 8 weeks of the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress programme. Each week, there will be a chance to learn meditation, and practice accessible and practical mindfulness tools and techniques. You will explore the week’s mindfulness topic; have the opportunity to share your experience in small, facilitated groups; and enjoy a tea break to connect with others. 

“There is nothing cold, analytical or unfeeling about [mindfulness]. The overall tenor of mindfulness practice is gentle, appreciative and nurturing. 

Another way to think of it would be 'heartfulness'. ”

Mindfulness for Stress is co-led by Breathworks accredited mindfulness teachers.

What you receive: 
  • 20 hours of Mindfulness training in-person.
  • Small group check-ins each week facilitated by a team member. 
  • Meditation teachings and weekly guided recordings to keep.
  • 1:1 wellbeing phone call during the course with the Breathing Space team.
  • A copy of the "The Little Mindfulness Workbook" by author Gary Hennessey
  • Opportunity to connect with peers over refreshments.
  • Unwind and learn mindfulness in a bespoke mindfulness venue. 
  • Home practice tasks and activities.
  • Weekly email summaries of the sessions to keep.
What people say about this course:

“It gave me the chance to step back and reflect rather than react, which has helped change how I communicate.”

“The most transformational experience of my adult life.”

“I developed helpful skills for my everyday life.”

“I don’t have panic attacks any more, through this course I now notice when I am approaching them and take steps. I feel more in control of my life.”

“It has brought me back to me. Thank you.”

Led by:



Amalanandi intertwines mindfulness with education joyfully. Trained by Breathing Space in Schools and Mindfulness in Schools Project, she offers adult courses, mentors teachers, and sparks creativity with art-infused workshops. She leads sessions in both secular and Buddhist contexts.

Alphie is Breathing Space’s Manager, a Buddhist and  musician. He has worked in the Homelessness sector and in  Music education where he was able to bring his mindfulness practice into the classroom. He enjoys working in environments where he is able to transform and witness the transformation of others.

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