‘Thoughts Are Not Facts’: Getting Unstuck from Unhelpful Patterns of Thinking

Monday 18th Mar | 7-8.30pm

One of the most popular concepts in mindfulness is that our thoughts are not facts. We tend to over-identify with our thinking, believing it to be true and accurate. We then act on this, sometimes rashly, in response to arising emotions, and can make unhelpful choices. This workshop explores how thoughts are not facts. It equips us with the understanding and tools to develop our awareness, and ability to step out of our habitual stories, to emotionally regulate in order to make wiser choices that serve us well.

What You Get:

  • Understanding of how we assume thoughts are facts
  • A technique to get unstuck from unhelpful patterns of thinking
  • A Guided Meditation
  • Chance to share our experience with others

Led by:


Dayabhadra is an ordained Buddhist, lives in a community in East London, and has worked in NHS education and training for a decade. A longstanding teacher for Breathing Space, Dayabhadra enjoys seeing how the tools benefit participants. 

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